Top 4 things you must know to rent apartment in Saigon

Each year, Ho Chi Minh City welcomes more than one million people to come for living and working. Therefore, the demand of apartment for rent in HCMC is increasing quickly. However, people feel difficult to get information about properties. Today, I will share you 4 tips to overcome some difficulties that you can face when looking for your home

#1. Choose the projects with good location and convenient transportation

When looking at leaflets, brochures of apartment projects, we often encounter some phrases such as: prime location, convenience traffic, near center… but in the reality, there are many projects located in the deep alleys, or quite far from the main road, very inconvenient to commute

Therefore, when you have a plan to rent apartment, you need to consider carefully, ask the owner or real estate agent about the location of the flat. Also, you have to look at the location of the flat whether located near your workplace, or your child's school. Priority for rental apartments which is nearby a lot of amenities such as kindergartens, schools, markets, supermarkets, commercial centers, entertainment, ... to save time to move. One thing to keep in  your mind  that if the rental is cheap, but the apartment has not good location, then you'll be spending more  time than others

Some high-end projects with good location, reasonable price are very popular with customers, such as Vinhomes Central Park (Binh Thanh District), Masteri Thao Dien (District 2), The Gold View (District 4) ...

tips to rent apartment in saigon

#2. Get to know the community of your future neighbors

Nowadays, many people living in condominiums often have the notion of "do not need to care about the neighbors" leading to the absence of interactions together. But in fact, when living in apartments, neighbors and all residents have a lot of collisions everyday because they all use common space in the building such as elevators, playgrounds, parking, parks, swimming pools ... So, neighbors are also an important factor you should learn to decide whether to rent the apartment or not.

get to know neighborhood

Familiarization with future neighbors will give you more information about the life in the project which you are going to rent and will save a lot of time.

#3. Determine specific lease term before sign the contract

In regularly, when renting home including a room or apartment in Saigon, you have to deposit 1 to 3 months in advance and the commitment lease term is over 1 year. In case you break the lease contract, you will cannot receive your previous deposit. Therefore, you need to determine how long you intend to rent the apartment so that discuss with the landlord before signing the contract. If you intend to move out ahead of time, please negotiate with the landlord to decrease the commitment time.

Top 4 things you must know to rent apartment in Saigon

#4. Read the lease contract carefully

Before signing the contract, you have to carefully read the tenancy agreement to avoid undue conflicts during the tenancy. In particular, please attention to these following notes:

  • The specific date of payment for the monthly rental, method of payment, cash or transfer.
  • The specify deposit and when to be refunded.
  • Write out the list of available home appliances and their use status.
  • If the landlord or tenant break the contract, what is the compensation rate?
  • Management fee paid by owner or tenant?

Top 4 things you must know to rent apartment in Saigon

In fact, the quality and the level of management of the project is the bottom line of all the above. Therefore, if you want to know that you will be able to have apartment for rent in the right meaning and enjoy an ideal living space, you should choose the reputation investor’s projects.