Some Tips For Renting Home in Saigon

Renting home in Saigon is not very simple matter as you think, it maybe causes a lot of trouble for renters who have no experience or they just come to Saigon in the first time. In order to find the one that suits your needs, there are some factors to consider. Through this post, SaigonFlat will give you some rental experience in Ho Chi Minh City based on each area to easily find the ideal home for  you and your family.

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest economic center in the country, like Tokyo of Japan, Seoul of Korea or London of England. Here, the opportunity to live and prosperity is always open to everyone, for that reason,  the number of residents as well as temporary residence is increasing quickly every year. More and more rental rooms, flats, apartment for rent to meet the demand of  housing for the people here. Each type of rental has different advantages and disadvantages. But the most popular is that many people choose the house, but then found that the house is not suitable for them, so they lose money to find a better home. View more: Breaking your lease contract – is it possible?

The article below gives a new perspective on the comparison of the price and quality of rental housing in each area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.

Rent in downtown districts

Center districts such as District 1, District 3 and District 5 are known as a place that provide the most expensive rentals  in Ho Chi Minh City. This is due to the demand of renting  in these districts is very high, many people choose cause it’s convenient for travel work, study as well as entertainment activities. For the segment of high-grade apartments in the city center, such as: Central Garden (District 1), Time Square (District 1), Saigon Pavilon (District 3) ... leased from 20 million or more per month for an apartment.

Besides the high-end apartment, the type of serviced apartment for rent is also selected by many people. This type of rental is quite convenient, you do not need to pay bills. Also, it provides some free services as cleaning, laundry, Gym, Pool,.. The price is also very diversity, depending on the decoration, size and position of apartment. If you rent serviced apartment in prime location, the price can be up to more than 20 million. For the same condition but located in the alley, the rent may fall to about 7- 10 million per month.

The last segment is a motel for rent, the first option for middle-income individuals, employees, students. Prices range from 3 million to 6 million depending on the type of room. In general, because of the advantages of location, rents are often higher than the average range, while living space is also the narrowest.

Rent in adjacent districts of center

Neighboring districts are: District 2, District 4, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, Tan Binh. In terms of location, this area is quite convenient in terms of location, easily access to central area only takes 15 to 30 minutes. In addition, there are a lot of high-end facilities as commercial centers, schools, shopping venues. can be found here. Because of these characteristics, these areas always attracts many tenants to choose and the cost of renting here is cheaper than the center

Another advantage for this area is the traffic infrastructure system being invested by the City People's Committee with the highlight of the Metro line No. 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien. The price ranges from 10 million to 20 million VND. , suitable for families with average living standards. A number of apartment projects are available for rent in this area such as: Vinhomes Central Park, Masteri Thao Dien, Lexington Residence, The Gold View, Icon 56 ...

Rent in suburbs of the city

The suburban districts such as Thu Duc, District 9, District 7, Go Vap are from 7km to 20km from the center, depending on the area. This area is quite bustling about the market of motels and cheap apartments for rent. For students, they usually look for a house in the Thu Duc and District 9, there is a university village with a large of students. Accommodation here is very cheap, space is spacious. In addition, the cost of living here is relatively cheap.

For District 7, although it is suburban, most of the tenants are mostly employees in District 7 or Nha Be. The accommodation is quite a lot, but the attraction in this area is the apartments for rent. Some of the most popular apartment projects are Ehome, The Park Residence, Hoang Anh Gia Lai, Era Town,…with reasonable price. In the coastal areas, the most common form of rental is to rent a villa. Suburban areas often have spacious spaces, suitable for the type of villa rental. The air here is fresh, shady, private. Also, there is swimming pool, mini golf and other high-end facilities. Therefore, only a part of high income earners or foreigners living in Vietnam can rent this luxury housing. View more: Top 4 things you must know to rent apartment in Saigon