How to Break a Lease and Get Deposit Back in Vietnam

There are many reasons to break the signed contract with respective landlord. You have an urgent problem that have to leave or you meet some issues when staying there. There are a lot of ways for you to consider how to break a lease and get the deposit back

4 things you have to know before renting and breaking the lease

4 things you have to know before renting and breaking the lease

Booking deposit

A booking deposit ensures that when the landlord receives the deposit, they cannot rent out their apartment to someone else. This will become a part of the security deposit after the entire lease is signed.

Security deposit

The total amount to deposit is stated in the contract. It is depending on the term agreement. It could be one month ( for six months contract) and 2 months (for one year contract). The deposit will be return when the lease ends. However, the landlord can keep the deposit as a way to cover for any proven damage that the lessee might have caused to their house. It also includes breaking the apartment lease illegally.

Terms of lease

The standard term of the lease is 6 to 36 months. After that, the renewal contract has to be signed to extend the lease time. This amount of period can be negotiated with the landlord, and you should have proper planning just in case you want to move out of the lease early. Check your contract carefully from the start is an great way to prevent penalty when you break a lease in Vietnam. Terms of the lease will also guide you about the appropriate timeline to break a contract legally.

Diplomatic or repatriate clause

This clause protects you when you are no longer employed or must be came out of Vietnam. This is one way to show you how to break the rental contract. Under this clause, you can terminate the lease after 6 or 12 months of rent (depending on agreement) by giving a two-month notice.

Regardless, unexpected things might happen to everyone, and you must cancel the agreement and move out of the place immediately before the lease is up. These reasons might include, but not limited to, cannot afford the rent any longer, does not fit in with another roommate, get offered another job in another city or country.

5 solutions to break the lease contract without penalty and get your deposit back

4 things you have to know before renting and breaking the lease 2

Read the contract

Read contract again. There might be a clause or a section included that allow you to terminate your leasing contract legally.

Open the communication with your landlord

This step is a must. Proper communication is never a wasted option. Your landlord might not like the idea of you to break the contract early because there will be missing rents for the landlord but there is always a chance that the landlord understanding why it must happen.

Find a substitution

Find a new renter might be a good idea to get back your deposit. The new tenant will replace you and pay for your rent if you have to move out early. This is a good way to solve this situation, especially if you rent a place in a big and crowded city. There are always people who are willing to take your place. Make sure to give your landlord a notice to create proper transparency. You can introduce to your friend or ask the help from agents, and of course you have to pay an agent fee

Agree to a termination offer

Some landlord will agree to let you terminate the contract before the lease term expires if you can pay a particular amount. If you have maintained a good relationship with your landlord during your lease time, you can negotiate this offer to find a way to get out early.

Seek legal counsels and advice

This is the ultimate and absolute way to handle the legal contract. Your lawyer always knows things better than you. If you think there are any wrong with the lease contract or with the landlord which prevents you from upholding your terms, contact a lawyer immediately to save you troublesome thoughts and precious time.

Understand the exceptions of the law

Every law often comes with an exception. These exceptions will let you break out of the lease without hurting your credits. Check for a breach in contract and see if you can prove the landlords has violated these specific clauses:

  • The landlord fails to provide proper running water
  • The landlord fails to provide the necessary repair
  • The landlord fails to ensure safety and health conduct within the place
  • The landlord fails to provide a common clean area as well as a proper place to throw out the garbage.

These things below are some advice that SaigonFlat want to share you. That’s not true with all situations, but you can see it as a reference to resolve your issues when you want to break the lease.