Apartment for rent in Vinhomes Central Park

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Vinhomes Central Park For Rent

Inspired by Central Park, the world-famous New York City, with a total area of 43.91 hectares, owning the facade stretches over 1km on the banks of the Saigon River. Vinhomes Central Park is committed to provide customers  a perfect living environment in harmony with nature and 5-star quality living standards that create the true value of life - worthy of the modern and high-class urban area in Vietnam.

Vinhomes Central Park Overview

  • Total area: about 43.91 hectares.
  • Construction density of the whole area: about 16%.
  • The area of ​​the park: about 14 hectares
  • Expected completion: Villas, Vinmec: 2015; Apartment Building, Vinschool: 2016; the whole area: 2017.
  • Type of development of Vinhomes Central Park:
    • Apartments: about 10,000 apartments and officetel (from 1 - 4 bedrooms), duplex / Penthouse, ranging from 50 m2 to more than 200 m2, designed in modern style.
    • Villas: 93 single and double villas (total land area of ​​3.65 ha).
    • Shophouse commercial area: the front of the main roads, convenient for business, trade and open transaction office.
    •  Vincom Center shopping, dining and entertainment center is about 59,000sqm.
    • 81-storey building - the tallest building in Vietnam, including: commercial center, office for rent, apartment, serviced apartment, 5 star hotel.
  • Investor: Tan Lien Phat Construction Investment Joint Stock Company belongs to Vingroup.


Vinhomes Central Park apartment is located in the Tan Cang area (address: 208, Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Binh Thanh District), one of the most prime location of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s easy to connect  with important areas in the city by convenient transportation system by road rail, waterway and Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien subway system.

Vinhomes for rent  has a frontage of 1km on the bank of Saigon River, with an extremely favorable location in the heart of the city, convenient for both road rail and waterway.

  • 2 minutes to Metro No. 1 Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien
  • 3 minutes to Thu Thiem new urban area
  •  4 minutes to District 1 center. Ho Chi Minh

6 Featured Facilities in Vinhomes Central Park

Vinhomes Central Park is one of a few real estate projects that have been synchronized with modern facilities and modern infrastructure to meet the standards of a dynamic, classy and different urban life. The project is known as a small city

  • Active and Civilized Community: Vinhomes prides to bring a happy living space, a vibrant young community for residences.
  • Experience the yacht on the Saigon River: You and your family would be explored Saigon  on luxury yachts. You will have more new, colorful and interesting experiences.
  • 5-Star Service: Customer Service Center ready to serve 24/7; Free management services for up to 10 years; Family services: house cleaning, laundry, garden care... and many other advanced facilities.
  • International Standard Education & Medical System: The Vinschool system helps your child to receive a modern education, nurturing talents to shine in the future. In addition, the five-star international hospital- Vinmec will ensure a civilized, healthy and peaceful life for residents.
  • Shopping center  - Food - Entertainment: Vinhomes is a high-end shopping, dining and entertainment complex (indoor ice skating rinks, game playgrounds, movie theaters, children's play areas). Landmark 81 - The tallest 81-storey building in Vietnam will lift the lives of residents in Vinhomes to a new level.
  • Nature is anywhere: In Vinhomes, each passing day is a harmony with true colors from nature, the green tiles flooded with aromas, fresh air from rivers and trees.

Vinhomes Central Park apartment for rent is a good place to build a happy family. Vinhomes takes care of the health of the whole family in a clean environment with full of quality facilities such as:

  • Gym Center (free)
  • Central Park (free)
  • Vincom Landmark 81 Comercial Center
  • Vinschool Internaltional School
  • Vinmart Supermarket
  • Vinmec International Hospital

The large green park will be a place for you to take a relax after hard-working day.  Shopping center will be a place to shopping . You will enjoy the skating ground designed at the 81st floor Landmark next to other useful games. Vinmec will provide health care for your family members when you are sick.

Vinhomes apartment for rent is a good choice for those who need an ideal place to live in Saigon.

Price range in Vinhomes Central Park:

  • 1 bedroom apartment : $700 - $800
  • 2 bedroom apartment : $900 - $1200
  • 3 bedroom apartment : $1200 - $1600
  • Duplex apartment : $2000 - $2500

If you have a plan to rent apartment in Vinhomes, do not hesitate to connect with us for more information. Hotline: 0902.905.907 (Robert)