Apartment for rent in District 4

(58 units)

District 4 located between District 1 and District 7. It’s so easy to access District 1 via several bridges such as Khanh Hoi, Calmet, Ong Lanh, Nguyen Van Cu. Beside you can also move to District 7 through the main routes such as Nguyen Tat Thanh, Khanh Hoi street

With a beautiful location, along the Saigon River, close to the center. Apartment for rent in district 4 would definitely attract many people to come for living. On Ben Van Don street, many apartment projects have been built to meet the demands of residences. Some featured projects as The Gold View, Riverpark Residence, Icon 56,…

The reason that more and more people choose district 4 because it inherits all modern facilities such as kindergarten, shopping center, gym, spa, swimming pool,etc. In addition, there are other facilities including  schools, hospitals, pagodas, churches, markets, supermarkets, etc. Therefore, district 4 is increasingly attracting foreign experts, businessmen who are looking for apartment for lease.

In District 4,traffic network mainly based on 6 main roads Nguyen Tat Thanh, Hoang Dieu, Khanh Hoi, Ben Van Don, Ton Dan and Doan Van Bo. The largest and most important route is Nguyen Tat Thanh Boulevard, crossing the eastern part of the district, stretching over 2 km, passing District 1 and Saigon Port, proceeding southwest towards Nha Be, starting from Khanh Hoi Bridge and ending at Tan Thuan 1 and 2.

Roads have been upgraded for recent years, but there are still traffic jams in the rush hours. Though it is not too stuck

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