About us

More and more expats come to Ho Chi Minh City for living or travelling, so the demand of renting is increasing quickly. However, expats have been facing many challenges when it comes to finding house rental, cause there are some agents work with unprofessional attitude and they are not good at languages and even they post wrong information of houses on their webistes. That makes expats confused and waste a lot of time when they find their home. For that reason, in May 2018, SaigonFlat was established as a solution to resolve this problem.

Who we are

SaigonFlat is one of the best real estate agents in Ho Chi Minh City, officially lauched in the beginning of 2018. With combination of advanced technology platform and professional personnel team, SaigonFlat is confident in changing real estate dealing method to the way of totally new and professional, help to save your time and cost

In order to help you find an ideal place for living and other purposes, we offer a wide array of properties such as apartment, serviced apartment, house, villa, office

The reason that we are No.1 property rental website in Ho Chi Minh City is because we just focus on rentals. If you are looking for apartment for rent, serviced apartment for rent, house for rent, villa for rent or just looking office for your new company, you’ve found the right place.

We have been served many customers who are managers, directors, teachers of famous companies such as : Circle K, Vietcombank, RISS, Korean International School, RMIT, Australian International School,…

Our Slogan

“We’re always by your side”

Our Best Free Services

  • Consulting and recommending apartments, serviced apartments, houses, villas as your inquiries with best service
  • Support 24/7 by English
  • Take care your home issues until finish the lease
  • Doing all related paper work as lease contract

Our Team

With SaigonFlat Team, you can search and rent your accommodations with the help from those who are dynamic, enthusiasm and can speak English fluently

SaigonFlat staff would be connected to tenants through the process of searching for apartments that buyers are interested in. In addition, through intelligent chat systems, tenants and our staff are connected to each other to bring the most insightful information. During the process of searching for any home, Saigon Staff will help tenants to select real estate and visit it directly. If tenants love that apartment and want to rent it, then SaigonFlat staff would help customers in preparing lease contract to complete the real estate transaction.

Our vision

We always try to improve our services and meet your inquiries

Our missions

  • Providing good rental services and support
  • We always train and encourage all employees to realize their professional potential.
  • Being a reliable partner in the real estate market
  • Exploring new technology and process to make the dealing faster, less costly and easier

Our Values

  • Honesty and Integrity: We always encourage to do what is right and fair for our customers
  • Well-trained Team: Our staffs can support as fast as possible with well-trained skills
  • Quality rental service: We bring customers highest standards service.